A NuData Partnership Between Biometrics and Behaviour

Recently at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas, ¬†NuData Security showcased the latest in online user behavioural biometrics and unveil a new dashboard control centre. By using a combination of biometric and behavioral patterns, the company’s NuDetect solution allows customers to go beyond just finding fraud to also rewarding and protecting the good users. With NuDetect, customers can truly understand every user, both the good and the bad.

The Director of NUData Security, Ryan Wilk, says:

“”Online fraud is a multi-billion-dollar problem, and cyber criminals keep getting better at gaming the system. In order to defeat them, continuous behavioral analysis that penetrates down to the layer of subconscious behavior is necessary. Working below the radar, our system tracks these behaviors to predict and prevent fraud. It’s a non-intrusive process that saves organizations and individuals money and protects brand reputation as well.”

This added behavioural layer to an already impressive biometric product hopes to save on the billions stolen by fraud. It also hopes to provide a better filter for  suspicious activity, countering the rejection of legitimate transactions which are rejected by the current traditional and sometimes overzealous fraud prevention methods.

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