Urgent Call for Biometric Passports

In the wake of the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight 370, and the revelation
that two of the passengers on the aircraft had used stolen Austrian and Italian
passports to purchase their tickets, the newly-formed Secure Identity & Biometrics
Association has released a statement arguing that “there is a need for full and immediate
implementation of biometric passports and borders, including a biometric exit program in
the United States. “

Identity fraud and theft using passports is still possible where “…passports do not
meet the international standards requiring inclusion of a biometric, or a country fails
to implement processes to read biometrics.”

Not only SIBA has come forward with an urgent recommendation. The Biometrics Institute
has also called for a tighter collaboration between border agencies and the aviation

With multi modal approaches both viable and possible, biometrics as a cost effective
solution to what has been called “terrorist travel” seems to now have become a needs-
must answer for airline check-in and immigration check-out.

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