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Credit Unions Join the Voice Biometrics Parade

The financial services market has been using voice biometrics now for some time, but Phoenix based credit union Desert Schools Federal Credit Union  is the first to deploy the Finivation software VoiceVerify. The voice verification solution will be rolled out initially for 24/7 password resets, followed by " out-of-band authentication for transfers."  Interestingly, this...
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Tell the truth and shame the ATM.

NDTV reports that Sberbank, Russia's biggest retail bank, has rolled out a lie detecting, fraud preventative ATM. Customers are able to apply for a credit card without engaging in any human interaction. The machine: " ... scans a passport, records fingerprints and takes a three-dimensional scan for facial recognition. And it uses voice-analysis software...
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A new hope for Autism

An article published by the BBC suggests new hope for early detection of Autism using the vehicle of voice techonology. At an accuracy of 86% using vocal analysis technology, the study suggests that the sounds made by infants with Autism differ to those without it.  Using more than three million individual child utterances, and...
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