The Cost of the Fear of Fraud

We all aware of the ever present threat of fraud. We have been moved, and rightly so, to paranoia when it comes to our online purchases, how and where we enter our PINs, what we do with the documents containing information as to our personal identity. It would appear that the fear of fraud is reaching further and further. In an article published by Ethoca’s Fraud Intel, it is said that the the U.S. Federal Trade Commission states that six times more revenue is lost each year to the fear of fraud, rather than actual fraud. Is this surprising? Not at all. According to Verisign, 21% of people no longer shop online, and those who do, do so less and spend less money. 24% of consumers place responsibility with the merchant. And although the article goes on to highlight 3 elements which will make online shopping as “safe as it can be”, we will not be free of fraud until new measure are embraced and properly implemented. As far as trands are concerned, the most evident and cost effective solution for this is and will be biometrics.

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