How It Works

VoxLoc has developed and supplies a low cost, easy to integrate, fully customisable, global, pay-as-you-use, voice biometric solution delivered over the internet.

There are two stages to the VoxLoc process. The first step is enrolment into the VoxLoc database. The end user receives a phone call or uses a computer to repeat a phrase or series of numbers when prompted. VoxLoc uses their vocal characteristics to generate a unique voice profile, much like a fingerprint. VoxLoc then locks this voice profile to an end user account and the end user is enrolled. The second step is verification, where the end user repeats a phrase and is either verified as the account holder, allowed to proceed into a streamlined auto settle transaction process or if not successful, their access is denied and the transaction cancelled.

We automatically reduce the risk of fraud (as the customer is effectively present in the transaction) so that your transaction process is simplified and your fraud management and detection costs are reduced and your repeat transactions can be settled immediately once verified. You can now focus on signing up customers, spending quality time confirming their identity and successfully enrolling them into the VoxLoc data base. Any repeat customer transactions from this point on are automatic, as VoxLoc verifies an identity to an account number assigned at enrolment. Consequently, the end user moves from a Customer Not Present transaction to being present in every transaction, no matter where they are.

Change Security Settings Automatically

VoxLoc can enable its customers to change the degree of certainty of verification, if required. For example, a mobile money provider can use the API to change to security settings to reflect if the end user is transferring a large amount rather than a routine small amount. If this is the case, the end user will be asked to repeat multiple phrase a few times, rather than a single phrase, once.

Adapts to the End-User’s Environment

VoxLoc provides “adaptive verification”, where the system adjusts depending on previously verified environments. This feature provides the end user with more successful verifications more often, in a shorter time and the end user enjoys a more positive overall experience.

Full Customisation

VoxLoc can offer a fully customisable solution and can make changes to the verification engine and Interactive Voice Response platform, so voice prompts can be easily modified.

No “Hostage Effect”

Rather than insisting it’s the VoxLoc brand being visible, VoxLoc offers a white labelled solution so the end user only experiences their brand of choice during the whole transaction process.

Low Cost of Integration and Start-up

Integration is a fast and simple process that a web developer can undertake.  VoxLoc have developed an application programming interface (API) that allows its customers integrate quickly into the VoxLoc solution and reap the benefits of a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model including low cost of technology ownership, first to market advantage and best available technology without the need for an infrastructure upgrade.

Pay As You Use

VoxLoc’s business model has been built specifically to supports a “pay as you use” or variable cost customer model, compared to a substantial upfront fee. This allows VoxLoc to economically offer a prospect customer a demo of the proposed solution instead of engaging in a costly and lengthy sales process.