Credit Card Decline Leads to Imprisonment

Imagine going out for the night, with plenty of credit on your completely legal and valid credit card (s), and ending up in jail because those same cards were rejected. That’s exactly what happened in Florida to one Don Marcani, as reported by Arstechnica.

After his two cards were declined, Marcani was handcuffed by police and his phone was confiscated. When the bank called him back shortly after to verify the charge, he was unable to comply. The following morning, Broward County Jail successfully charged his card with $1000 bail. Since the U.S. is still resisting the shift to chip and PIN, incidents like these are not entirely uncommon.

This particular problem however, is one that could be painlessly solved using voice biometrics. ┬áIn a scenario where voice biometrics is integrated into the credit card user’s banking life, the first card decline would immediately prompt a verification call to the user. Once the user has verified, the card authorisation is released, and the user is free to retry the transaction.

With incidents like these remaining prevalent and becoming increasingly inconvenient and distressing, it is of great importance that measures are taken to bridge the gap between fraud and user inconvenience. Clearly, that measure should rest with voice biometrics.


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