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Mastercard announces high level of success with biometric system.

In a closed pilot trial that used both voice and facial recognition for biometrics, Mastercard have announced a 98% success rate. The pilot, which used a group comprised of Mastercard employees from around the world, aims to gain a deeper understanding of consumer interaction with biometrics. The entire process apparently took less than ten...
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Ireland Begins Move to Facial Recognition for Passports

Biometric Update reported that the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have issued a public tender  looking for a vendor to provide facial recognition software for its passport services.  The introduction of biometrics into passports would  bring Ireland online with countries such as Australia, who have recently beefed up the biometrics elements in...
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A Masked Society

In an effort to fight back against constant surveillance, URME Surveillance of Chicago has developed a prosthetic mask to be worn by those individuals who wish to conduct their business more privately under the watchful eye of CCTV. The mask created has the likeness of the company's founder, Leo Selvaggio, However,  a possible pitfall...
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