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Uber to integrate biometrics for safety.

Uber have announced this week that they are conducting a review of their safety measures regarding the screening of their drivers. This announcement follows filed lawsuits against  over allegations that the San Francisco-based taxi hailing company misleads consumers about the safety of their car-hailing service. The technology that will be used to enhance safety will...
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Credit Card Decline Leads to Imprisonment

Imagine going out for the night, with plenty of credit on your completely legal and valid credit card (s), and ending up in jail because those same cards were rejected. That's exactly what happened in Florida to one Don Marcani, as reported by Arstechnica. After his two cards were declined, Marcani was handcuffed by police...
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Voiceprints Move into the Limelight.

The popularity of using voiceprints as a means of identification is increasing across a variety of businesses and industries. From everyday banking, to monitoring criminals on parole, voice biometrics now has a strong foothold  in the world of identification, both in the fight against fraud and general ease of use and security. Companies like Read more